wire-chairsIt can be difficult to ask for help…

I realise that it takes courage to ask for a therapy or counselling appointment, no matter how much you may feel you need some support. You might want to take a different first step, and simply phone or email to ask about therapy.  You will not have to make a commitment and you will get no pressure from me to make an appointment.  We can talk about whether therapy might be a good step for you, and any worries you may have about it or any questions that might come up.

If I am not able to respond to your email or phone enquiry immediately, I will always do my best to return your contact within one business day. I treat all communication with you in the strictest confidence.

Undivided Attention

I will always give you my undivided attention in our appointments and on the phone. I provide therapy and counselling in a non-judgmental, nurturing atmosphere.

Working Together

If we decide to work together we will find a time that suits us both. As often as possible these appointments will usually be at the same time every week, because research shows that weekly therapy is usually most effective; however, if weekly sessions are not possible (because your schedule cannot accommodate that, for example) , we can make a different agreement about the frequency of our sessions

I work in Petersfield in comfortable and professional offices, to help you feel at ease.  For the time being, I am working exclusively online; if you would like to work with me online after the restrictions around the COVID pandemic have lifted, that is also a possibility.